International Journal of Pathology

About The IJP

International Journal of Pathology is a recognized journal by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Y category. IJP is also included in the American National Library of congress Catalogue, in Washington DC, USA. They are maintaining an updated record of our journals.

IJP has floated several novel ideas and published first of its kind cases in the world. IJP is published six monthly. The journal is widely distributed to pathologists, Medical colleges and libraries. The journal is also available at Entire articles and case reports can be downloaded free. IJP is non profit journal and needs your active support to promote original research in pathology.

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To promote original research in medical sciences; particularly in pathology and its all related fields of medicine!

To share our local experience with the global community

To promote sound and efficient teaching strategies in order to impart useful, relevant and constructive knowledge to the students

To promote ethical practices in all aspects of teaching, patient care and research

To promote sound understanding of History of science and produce familiarity with great scientists and great patrons of sciences!

To motivate medical students, young doctors and others to engage in serious and healthy research.

To produce holistic understanding about positive and negative roles of various actors affecting   healthcare.   



International Journal of Pathology